Your Emergency Dentist for Melbourne


The main dental emergencies are toothache, tooth fracture, partial or complete dislodged tooth (avulsion), abscess and infection, post- extraction bleeding etc.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, or anything similar, we advise you to contact your emergency dentist in Melbourne, in the northern suburbs, NOW.

We take every emergency dental issue seriously, from long-running and worsening infections to the results of an accident or sports injury.

Your dental health is linked to your whole physical well-being, so it is important to address any issues you may experience with your oral health. Bright Smile Dental Clinic is a professional emergency dental surgery located just 9km north of the Melbourne CBD, with experienced staff who speak English, Persian and Arabic.

If you have been putting off seeing a dentist about your pain and it is now critical, and it is affecting your ability to eat, sleep or carry out day to day activities, call us now and we will do our best to attend to you promptly.

For skilled emergency dentist in the north side of Melbourne:

contact Bright Smile Dental Clinic on    9077 0385   or



The clinic is located in Preston close to the Preston West Primary School and next to the Child Care Centre, serving the residents of northern suburbs of Melbourne.



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