Why Choose Bright Smile Dental Clinic

Why Choose Us

We listen to your concerns

Experienced female dentist 

Focus on preventive dentistry

Affordable prices  

Booking online appointment

Accessible location/ easy to find us

The latest treatment technologiesDigital Radiography (X-ray) with much less radiation and higher quality of pictures

The best treatment plan based on your needs

Infection control meets all criteria of latest “universal precaution” guidelines

Referral to other experts when necessary to make sure you will get the best treatment


High quality of care

Pain free dental treatment

Continuous follow up

The latest sterilization methods

Variable methods of payment

Car park on site

Special discount to health card holders, students and pensioners

We accept “general care”, “emergency” and “denture” vouchers from your local community dental clinic

Flexible appointment time, according to your preference

English, Persian and Arabic speaking staff

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